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As this website progresses, hopefully things will become more organised. I am sure there are errors in it so if you find them - or wish to share your experiences of barefoot life - please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Most articles not attributed to anyone else are assembled the editor who has lived barefoot since 2009. With thanks to everyone who has made suggestions.

If you just want to ask general questions about living a barefoot life-style then I recommend a facebook group such as “Barefoot Living UK”, or the more international “Society for Barefoot Living”.

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 Barefoot is sensational. The first thing you do at home is kick off your shoes, But why wear them the rest of the time?
Health costs of wearing shoes
Shoes cost more than the contents of your wallet.
Stepping Out
 Practical advice for someone interested in living barefoot. How do you go about it? What will you encounter?
Common Questions
 Barefooters regularly get asked the same questions, and the usual answers are pretty straight forward.
Cold Weather
Are your feet cold?


How can that be?

Barefoot Law
 Discrimination in the eyes of the law.
Charity Disparity
Old shoes are given to third world countries by the ton; but good-will and good intentions lead to product dumping, misery and destitution.
What is barefoot life like?
Every texture tells a story. It is part of the experience of being where you are.
Barefoot Shoes
 Footwear is a tool. How to choose the right tool for the job.

Set Your Piggies Free
 That Sesame Street video.