Shoes for Barefooters

Occasionally barefooters may be obliged to wear shoes, such as while representing their employer to customers, or more rarely to obtain services in the of face discrimination. Spending money on something that will spend most of it's life in the car glovebox seems pointless, but this is a once in a life-time purchase, so it's best to buy it right rather than regret it for decades.

Black matches any colour or situation.


1. Huaraches

Huaraches sandals are suitable as backups when hiking up volcanoes or visiting your foot-phobic relatives. They: They are relatively easy to make yourself if you can find stiffish thin rubber for the soles. Just trace around your foot, punch three holes, and lace them up as described in this video.

Available from XeroShoes

2. Soleless sandals

The purpose of soleless sandals is to appear to be wearing shoes, in order to avoid being the victim of discrimination. One well-known brand is Another gentleman here has home-made ones. If you are a regular barefooter who has tried these or any others, and wish to send a review, them please drop me a line.

3. Shoes for employment

Smaller companies with casual dress-codes are usually happy for employees to work barefoot as described on the Stepping Out page. If you are one of the unlucky ones, and still have to put bread on the table, what should you look for when buying work shoes?

• A toe-box that's wider than your bare foot.
• No arch support.
• No raised heels.
• Ultra-thin flexible soles.
• Well ventilated / breathable.
• Comfortable without socks &
• Easy to kick off under the table.

If you live barefoot outside of work, and would like to submit a recommendation or review, please feel free to make contact.

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